Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A White Guy!

What a shocker. A fifty-something white Christian male who has argued against civil rights, against the environment, against Roe v. Wade, and for corporate interests. Who could have predicted that?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Supreme Court justice, (like he's not going to be confirmed?), John G. Roberts Jr..

God, even his name is total white bread.

UPDATE: Just looking at his picture, don't you kinda want to slap him? No? Come on, not even a little bit? Maybe you haven't looked into his beady soulless eyes for long enough.

UPDATE II: His picture is too telling. I see a man whose children absolutely hate him. Like that character played by Will Ferrell on SNL, where he would be eating dinner with his wife and their kids who despised them and treated them with disrespect. Will Ferrell would stand up and shout, "I am a division manager! I drive a Dodge Stratus!" That's what I see. But I guess I can wait for the hearings to find out. "I am a Supreme Court justice and you will not go to that rave tonight!"

UPDATE III: (from emeryroolz) I think he looks like Frank Burns from MASH...

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emeryroolz said...

"Why do you let them talk like rap people!?!"