Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tip - Make a Spreadsheet to Track the Lies

Even Bush can't keep it straight anymore. Did you guys hear the MASSIVE contradiction in Bush's press conference the other night? Let's flip to Media Matters for details:

Repeating a claim made in his recent travels throughout the country in support of Social Security privatization, Bush said that the treasury bonds owned by the trust fund represent worthless IOUs from the U.S. government. But he later touted those same bonds for holders of his proposed private accounts looking for a safe investment that would be "backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government."
With the Republicans it seems that as long as their gums are flapping, they don't really care what comes out. As long as the media refuses to point out their contradictions and hypocrisy, what point is there in making sense? When in front of a human rights group, decry genocide and religious persecution. When grandstanding for your oil supporters, hold Crown Prince Abdullah's hand and take a stroll through the garden. In the same speech, claim that treasury bonds are worthless in one breath, and call them the safest investment in the world in the next. In the cable news environment, they only need the 20 second soundbyte, so they might as well spout a bunch of meaningless cliches and see which one sticks.

And the media, which is actually the focus of the Media Matters post, they're like a tiny helpless puppy, aren't they? They run around barking making all kinds of noise, begging to be fed, posing as your one true friend, but at the end of the day, all you end up with is your apartment in a giant mess, and a pile of shit in the corner you're hoping your roommate will clean up.

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