Friday, May 27, 2005

Now THAT'S a Victory...

The Dems (and a few Republicans with a conscience) have blocked, at least temporarily, the vote over the nomination of Uncle Pecos, er, John Bolton.

At issue is the fact that the Bush administration has refused to turn over a bunch of documents requested by the Senate. The documents are related to Bolton's work as undersecretary of state for arms control.

Also at issue is the fact that Bolton is a hot-headed asshole who deserves to be UN Ambassador about as much as I deserve to be the pope.

Bolton will still probably be confirmed, but I think this delay in the vote sends a much clearer message to the administration that they can't just appoint any crazy nutjob they want than the filibuster compromise.

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Michael Grant said...

Aside from making arcane messages which are broadcast at an institution with no receiver, the interesting thing that's causing the delay is that the White House is blocking documents which are germane to this man's qualifications for the UN job. The delay gives more time and shines more light on the fact that Bush is a coverup artist. Clearly there is something damaging in those documents, and this isn't the first time they've held or re-classified damaging documents. (something about national guard or something? energy task force?) But this might be the first time that Bush's coverups are getting decent news coverage. Not to mention that since this new flap Bush hasn't breathed a word of support in favor of Bolton. Is he hedging his bet?

If any Republicans are dropping by DoG lately, can anyone explain the justification for covering up his work history? Would anyone hire me if I said I worked here and here but I won't tell you what I did there and don't call my old boss? Sounds fishy to me...