Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Scandal Fatigue

I don't know what's happening to me. I'm reading the news as much as always, but nothing seems to piss me off enough to make me bother writing the last couple of days. The thing I'm most worked up about is this phony grandstanding steroids hearing in Congress. What a waste of time. Some guys in baseball took steroids. Duh. Maybe if they had held hearings the year that McGwire and Sosa were gunning for the record, it would have made sense (not really, it's still just fucking BASEBALL. Not, you know, like war or crappy intelligence or corruption in Washington or anything). But with the innate sense of timing possessed only by politicians, they knew better. Why come down on baseball when everybody is having a grand old time? It would just piss people off. But now that it's boring again - Bonds only hit 45 HRs the last 2 years, and Sosa completely sucks - now it's time to look out for the CHILDREN. It's all about the CHILDREN with these people. Bullshit. This is about a couple of house members getting some facetime on TV bloviating about something that no one can possibly be against. It's so politically calculated, it makes me physically ill. If Bonds had hit 74 home runs last year, I can promise you there would be no hearings, no MLB crackdown, and the country's steroid policy would remain - wha? stera-what-now?

Anyway... Some other things in the news I can't seem to summon the strength to be enraged by:

  • Propaganda OK says Bush's lawyers.
  • Halliburton - ripping off taxpayers to the tune of $108 million, and rising.
  • Mainstream media sucks, to the surprise of no one.
  • Bush lies about social security.
  • Judicial tyranny is alive and well in San Francisco! (a single quote: "If this is unconstitutional, there is another constitution to answer to, and that is the word of God," said Wang. Where the hell was Jesus during the Constitutional Convention anyway? It's HIS fault for blowing that shit off!)


    Don't worry DoG fans, I'll get the mojo back soon. It's just that it's the same thing over and over and over again. None of it is covered on the television news, of course, not while there's Michael Jackson to re-enact, so it feels like I'm yelling at a brick wall. But such is life in the noble, God-fearing U.S. of A!

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