Saturday, March 12, 2005

Report at 11

Some crazy guy shot up a courthouse and ran off. They can't find him. Yikes! That's creepy and exciting. However, it is NOT news.

At 4am last night, they were covering this live in the studio with satellite photos of Atlanta and a telestrator. They're still doing so this morning. He killed at least three people, maybe more. Do you know how many people were murdered last night nationwide? Me neither. But I bet more than three people died in New York City alone. This perfectly demonstrates what's wrong with the mainstream media today. Their biggest bias isn't liberal or conservative. It's biased towards that which titillates our basest urges, whether or not it actually matters. What's more important - one freakshow who went nuts in Atlanta, or:

  • U.N.: More than 70,000 dead in Sudan’s Darfur
  • Hezbollah backs Syria in Lebanon
  • Iraq's main Shiite party, Kurds reach deal
  • Bankruptcy Bill Passes In The Senate
  • President's proposed budget cuts seen as threat to social services
  • Iraq: Three dead in attacks as death toll of Mosul bombing on the rise
  • New scientific research says there are at least half a billion cases of malaria around the world each year

    It goes on and on. There are so many more important, but less exciting stories every single day. Some wacko killing a judge does not warrant 24 hour coverage. Ratings should not decide what the American people need to know.

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