Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Don't You Know It's Gonna Be... Alright

What's the deal in Lebanon? Could freedom actually be on the march there? I sure hope so.

Look. I would like nothing more than for Bush to be right about the whole freedom thing. Being right after the fact isn't the same as telling the truth from the beginning. And certainly, the piss-poor management of the war and the institutionalized torture is enough for Bush to be impeached and tried for war crimes. But still... The news out of Lebanon is inspiring.

Mr. President - this is how democracy is achieved. I know you weren't around in 1776, but while the French helped us back then, they didn't march in with 150,000 troops and force us to part ways with England. We came up with it on our own. The Lebanon situation might fit your narrative, but it's happening despite your best efforts, not because of them. But that doesn't change the fact that hopefully things will turn out the way Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld's dreamy imaginings pictured it - for everyone's sake.

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