Sunday, March 06, 2005

How Dare the Democrats Politicize Social Security!

Wow. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), plopped a few jaw-dropping laughers on Meet the Press this morning.

If Pat Moynihan were still alive, he'd be here to speak for himself.  But here's what he said about the use of the word "privatization," which you notice my good friend Dick Durbin keeps putting in.  Senator Daniel Moynihan said about privatization, "That's a scare word.  That's a scare word. No one is privatizing Social Security.  Nothing of that sort is happening."

Now, that's Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Democratic expert on Social Security. I wish he were still alive to be here and make that statement himself.  Why do we have to keep using that word?  The reason they want to use that word is they want to politicize this issue.  Why don't we just stop that and sit down together now that it's clear from the tour of the last two days, that Dick and Harry Reid and others believe that it's time to start talking?  Why don't we just sit down and start talking about the subject and see what we can work out on a bipartisan basis?
The DEMOCRATS want to politicize the issue? Hasn't Senator McConnell read Frank Luntz's handbook? Sen. McConnell is under orders to politicize Social Security. And as I recall, it was the Republicans who started with the word "privatization," but changed it, on Luntz's suggestion, to "personal." And why? Because POLITICALLY, personal sounds better. Forgive the Democrats, if you would, Senator, if they choose not to use the word that your pollsters have discovered helps serve your desire to phase out Social Security.

And an ever better one:
Can I start first with the fact that you were playing a Democratic ad run by the Democratic National Committee.  My recollection is we just had an election about five months ago.  Can we ever quit campaigning? There is not going to be another election until November of '06.  What we ought to do is quit running ads and sit down and start figuring out how to solve this problem.
Holy shit, dude! Bush is on a 60 day "tour" right now! Look at this Knight Ridder story:
Bush starts campaign-style tour to promote Social Security changes
The word campaign is right in the headline! And while we're on the issue of ads, at least the Democrats aren't hiring fake journalists to push their agenda.

Of course, did Tim "Lapdog" Russert call him on either of these? How naive do you have to be to even ask that question?

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