Friday, March 11, 2005


Good news for the right-wing nutjobs out there - evil Dan Rather is finally off the air. Thank the Christian, vengeful, fag-hating Lord! A bland, if sometimes strange, but ultimately harmless network anchorman has been removed from the airwaves.

In the wake of the ridiculously overblown Memogate scandal, two important details have been either forgotten, overlooked, or intentionally ignored. Let's take a moment to reflect on them...

1) Rather is (was) the managing editor of CBS News. He is therefore responsible for being the final check before something goes on the air. His team is guilty of not adequately verifying a few documents used in his report about Bush's National Guard experience, (I am hesitant to use the word "duty"). So, yes, Dan Rather arguably dropped the ball as a journalist. But the essence of his story is still all true: Bush used his family's influence to get himself placed in the Champagne Unit of the Texas Air National Guard to avoid serving in Vietnam, a war he supported. He abandoned his duties, after the United States spent $1,000,000 training him as a pilot, and was AWOL for a year, supported by the fact that he skipped his pilot's physical the year after they instituted a drug testing policy. Is that worse than Judith Miller relying solely on Bush's and Iranian spy Ahmad Chalabi's bogus claims of WMD in Iraq? Is it worse than Brit Hume intentionally taking FDR's words out of context to make it seem as though the genius behind the hugely successful New Deal was in favor of privatizing social security? Is it worse than all the White House press release transcription that the mainstream media's White House correspondents do every single day? All of those people still have their jobs.

2) The documents have never been proven to be false, they were just never proven to be authentic. Furthermore, even today - they can't find the source of these documents. This is not being seriously investigated. We know that Karl Rove once planted a bug in his own office and then blamed it on the Democrats. This situation has Karl Rove's stink all over it! People have blamed him for the CBS documents, but the story unsurprisingly failed to find any traction. I'm not saying that I know he did it, but doesn't this deserve looking into? Not by the MSM. They're content to let sleeping dogs lie. Or to put it another way - they're content to appease the right-wing freaks to avoid the absurd charge of liberal bias.

The poor, shat-upon Republicans, who control all three branches of government, have their own cable news network, and a veritable army of shills, cannot keep playing the underdog card. They literally control the world. And they must be stopped.

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