Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Best Laid Plans

To recap - Bush and the rest of the right-wing politicians scurried back to Washington like ants to a picnic and passed something late on a Sunday night to allow the Schiavo case to be heard in front of like the millionth judge. So, after compromising their fundamental principles of states' rights, of keeping the government the hell off my property, of James Madison's checks and balances, of Thomas Jefferson's separation of church and state, and in Bush's case, of killing as many people as is humanly possible, the case will now be heard in a federal court.

Surprise! He said the exact same thing that all of the 10,000 judges said before him: I'm sorry; her husband represents her interests.

Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo's brother, said his family was crushed. "To have to see my parents go through this is absolutely barbaric,"
Barbaric? BARBARIC? It is YOU who is barbaric, Bobby. It is you who has been dogging your brother-in-law for 15 fucking years! It is you who has been denying your sister's wish to please not let her be a vegetable in a hospital bed. It is you who is prolonging everybody's suffering. Well, you and your parents. But don't be pointing your barbaric-finger at all of the courts and judges who are following the law as established for this land. Look around your own house, there, Bobby.

Guess what? Unmoved, they're going to appeal... Again.

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