Monday, March 21, 2005

The Needs of the Few

Someone needs to tell Congress that a war is going on. They don't seem to understand what is important, and what's not.

I turned on CNN last night, SUNDAY night, at around 11:30 pm to see the United States Congress debating the case of a single woman and her husband's right to take her off the machinery that has kept her alive these last few years. Think about what raises the ire of Congress - those deadbeat single moms and fools who decided to give their spouse cancer, so they permanently enslaved them to their predatory lenders; a few athletes who may or may not have taken steroids at some point; and now an unfortunate woman whose husband wants to end the suffering of his wife by detaching her from the matrix-style machinery that keeps her technically alive.

Meanwhile, Halliburton is stealing money from United States taxpayers, soldiers are dying daily because of a lazy press and a lying president, Iraqi prisoners are being systematically tortured and murdered. It's a complete outrage. I understand that Congress goes where the news goes so they can grandstand for their constituents, but the media is a joke. If someone is supposed to lead, shouldn't it be our elected leaders? You can't get Bush to end his vacation for a specific warning about an impending attack on our nation on 9/11, but the politicians are staying hella-late on a Sunday night to "protect" the "life" of a single U.S. citizen? Perhaps if Terri Schiavo was the only person to have voted in the last few elections, this would make sense. But by my count, somewhere around 100,000,000 people voted in 2004. What about our needs?

As an additional bit of editorial, when did we change the longstanding policy of having spouses in charge of each other when tragedy strikes? Isn't that, in fact, the main purpose of a marriage license? When you're a kid, your parents are your emergency contact. When you get married, it's your spouse. End of story. Does anyone doubt that this man loves his wife? For her sake, and for his, (and now for ours), can't we let her go? He's been suffering long enough.

Oh, and anti-individual-rights busybodies, I know your argument is that only God may choose to take a life. Let me ask you something - did God shove that feeding tube down her throat, wipe her ass every day, and invent the robotica that's keeping her out of Heaven? No. The dirty, sinning humans did all those things. God made His decision for her to die, it's we who are denying His will.

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