Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ethics Rules Were Made to Be Broken

We all know by now how much of a criminal Tom DeLay is. And the criminal conspiracy runs through the entire Republican party, since no one will stand up to this pirate of democracy. You know - he broke the ethics rules, so they changed the ethics rules. He gets his cronies to shut down some business, then goes and has that very same business hire him (well, support his campaign) to get them reopened. The man is getting protection money, in essence. I mean, Tony Soprano is less of a prick than this guy. Well, GOOD NEWS! Here is a new blog dedicated to tracking his various illegal schemes, and trust me, there are more than I can count.

Daily DeLay

This blog is run by the Public Campaign Action Fund. Go there too. Sign the petition; give them some much needed cash. This man is single-handedly destroying American democracy as we know it. He can't be allowed to succeed.

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