Friday, January 19, 2007

A True Man of the People

I apologize for harping on this. Despite my harsh words yesterday, I honestly do understand that this is an issue that matters only to the 174,000 of us who went a week without power. I do.

However when Michael Bloomberg, the landslide winning, crossover appealing non-presidential candidate chimes in on the blackout, it becomes at least of some interest to others, doesn’t it? It will when you read what he said:

“If you want lousy electrical service, you keep trying to drive Con Ed, Burke out of office,” said Bloomberg. “And then you won't have as good people, and they won't do as good a job.”

Bloomberg defended Burke, a day after the state's Public Service Commission issued a harsh preliminary report on Con Ed, blaming the power company for last July's devastating blackout in Northwest Queens.

The mayor said he had not read the findings, yet, but described the Con Ed boss as competent and hard working, words similar to the ones he used in July during the middle of the power outage.

“If you want to fine Con Ed, just go to your electric bill next time you get it and you're going to have a higher cost,” said Bloomberg. “You're going to pay the fines. If you want to fine yourself, that's probably a good idea.”
His Honor went on to say, “I mean, fuck it, whattya gonna do? They got you by the balls. Hey, you got a power plant? No? Well, until you get hydroelectric in your basement, shut the fuck up and do what ConEd tells you. Capisce? I’m just the mayor over here. I’m not friggin’ God.”


Matthew Smith said...

When did Bloomberg become Goombah Johnny? Would it have killed you to throw a little Yiddish in there to make it more believable?

I mean, oy vey.

Michael Grant said...

It was meant to represent the attitude of a megarich asshole who couldn't care less about anyone's problems other than those of his own rich asshole friends. While it is amusing to poke fun at the quirks of your people, Matthew, it didn't seem to fit the part in this case.

I might have gone with a Marie Antoinette, but I don't know how to write in French accent.

Matthew Smith said...

Still, going over-the-top eye-talian withouth a "not for nuthin'" is simply irresponsible.