Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Very Own Liberry

Two Bush/library stories in one day? Oh yes, I am afraid so. It seems that there is some controversy in selecting a location for Bush’s presidential library. I find this amusing for two reasons.

First, the people of Southern Methodist University are wary of being associated with Bush.

About 150 of the university’s 600 faculty members attended the meeting, voicing a range of concerns, particularly on whether the school’s academic freedom and political independence might appear compromised by an association with not only the Bush library but also a museum that would accompany it.

Thomas J. Knock, a professor of history, said the public might have trouble differentiating between the library, museum and the university.
That is a religious university in Texas that is worried about being associated with George W. Bush. Damn, that’s some low approval ratings.

But the second, and more amusing point is that the deal is being done the same way Bush has done everything since he came to office – in secret, behind closed doors.
“There’s been a lack of transparency from the beginning,” said Tony Pederson of the journalism faculty, urging the university’s administration “to be more forthcoming with detailed information.”

Rhonda Blair, the president of the faculty senate who convened the meeting even though many professors were still away on winter break, said she would pass on the questions to Dr. Turner on Wednesday.
That’s just selecting a location for a presidential library and these people can’t cooperate with others. Does Bush use CIA computers to encrypt his breakfast order?

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