Friday, January 12, 2007

New Feature

Our backers keep calling me down to their office near Wall Street hopping mad and full of complaints about our site’s performance. Page views! Repeat visits! Content!! It’s excruciating. All the while I’m sitting there wondering what kind of mad scientist would want to teach these goats to talk and trade junk bonds.

Anyway… In order to ease the minds of Lil' Billy and Patches, I am instituting a new feature here at DoG:

What We’re, Like, Totally Into Right Now

You can find it in the upper left of the page, and it will change from time to time – as we find something we’re, like, totally more into than the last one. It might be something about news or politics. It might be about some new product we wish we could afford. It might be the best place to find garbage and tin cans to eat near Battery Park. You never know. But you’ll check back and find out, won’t you?

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