Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Every year, the press corps has a giant circle jerk with the president and his minions and they call it the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. Remember last year? Stephen Colbert got up there and actually spoke truth to power, cementing his legacy as the fake news host with the biggest balls.

As you know, he didn’t just go after the president. He took down the press corps too. And they are delicate flowers with the courage of tiny little bunnies. The guest at this year’s gala? Rich Little. Remember Rich Little? Oh, wait, you were born after 1950? Well, he’s a) surprisingly not dead yet, b) an impressionist, and c) best known for his Nixon, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny etc. That is to say, dead people and others you’ve never heard of, because you know, you were born after 1950. And he’s got nothing of value to say about anything.

I guess Gallagher was unavailable.

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