Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baghdad Meets Sundance

As loyal DoGgers hanging on my every suggestion, you've no doubt been keeping up with Whitney's adventures at Sundance by clicking on the What We're, Like, Totally Into Right Now&trade link to your left. While the updates have been engaging and fun, mostly involving her latest run-in with Paul Rudd or Dwight from The Office or longtime crushee Barry Zito, sometimes Entertainment Weekly's interests cross paths with ours here at DoG.

There's a documentary at Sundance this year called No End in Sight. I'll let people more talented than me explain:

On May 1, 2003, President Bush declared an end to combat in Iraq. More than three years later, 3,000 American soldiers and an estimated 790,000 civilians are dead, and Iraq still burns. What happened? The first film to examine comprehensively how the Bush administration constructed the Iraq war and subsequent occupation, No End in Sight exposes a chain of critical errors, denial, and incompetence that has galvanized a violent quagmire.
Whitney sat down with the director Charles Ferguson, Brookings Fellow and MIT grad -- no peacenik -- for a serious interview. And it's a good one. Check it out.

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