Friday, April 21, 2006

Buck Up, Champ!

Apparently, Bush is in a bit of a funk. He's all nervous and twitchy about all the people Bolten's been bootin' lately. Hell, even W's own wittle wuv muffin Harriet Miers has her head on the block. And it's hitting the Dubster hard:

Republicans who talk regularly to senior West Wing advisers say the president has been unhappy and on edge about the staff changes...
Awwww... Don't you feel sorry for him? The poor guy has to deal with this miserable failure in Iraq he started, a staff that just refuses to not break the law, a vice-president who likes to get drunk and shoot old men in the face, and now he has to fire some staffers and replace them with different cronies from other parts of the staff? Dang, I sure am glad I didn't run for an office for which I was woefully unqualified.

And then he has to find out from his very own news channel that even his friends don't like him anymore. Woe is Georgie.

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