Friday, April 14, 2006

Support the Troops, Not the Generals

Have you heard about this war in Iraq thing? I know! You'd think that would be on the news more or something. As it happens, it's not going so well. Bush landed on that aircraft carrier with his loins girded some two years ago and declared our mission accomplished. The facts belie this claim, do they not?

Since then, Bush is passing the buck of his woeful lack of preparation onto the generals. He says that he would have been happy to provide more troops or make mistakes that were much less deadly except that's not what the generals asked for. He only listens to the generals. "Heck, I ain't no war-making guy. Ahm just a dude who ran a bunch of daddy's businesses into the ground. What do I know from warrin'? The gen'rals tell me what they need, and I give it to 'em."

Not so much. These generals can't quit fast enough so that they might tell everyone that the Boy Who Would Be King is one class-A motherfucking idiot for listening to this crackpot Rumsfeld.

Next step? Bush has got to start utilizing his role as commander-in-chief and order some non-retired generals to go on TV and tell everyone how wise, insightful, and strategeric he happens to be, and oh yeah, how frighteningly large of a weapon he's packing.

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