Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'd Tap That

Bush Taps Portman As New Budget Director

Brilliant! This is, without question, Bush's greatest decision yet. Think about it. First of all, she has experience in federal government as the "elected" head of state. Then, she served in the Senate before handing over the reigns to Sen. Binks, so it's not as if she can only function in an executive role. She is able to work within the extensive, if not overwhelming committee structure, not to mention dealing with minorities and unusual cultures.

Furthermore, she has an insider's perspective on many issues of the day: terrorism, immigration policy, the state of American mental health facilities. She's spent some time in Britain and was born in Israel.

From Bush's ideological point of view, she believes in a higher power and she is most definitely opposed to human cloning.

I think she makes an excellent addition to the team. Shit, he should make her press secretary. Tell me C-SPAN's ratings wouldn't triple!

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