Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Senator to English Dictionary

Republican senator Chuck Hagel joins the chorus in handing Rumsfeld's ass to him in a jar with a bow on top. But because he's an active senator instead of a retired general, he parses his words a little differently. Allow me to translate. When Hagel says:

“The concern I’ve had is, at a very dangerous time, (the) secretary of defense does not command the respect and confidence of our men and women in uniform,”
He means: "The soldiers think Rumsfeld is one fucked up motherfucker."
“There is a real question about his capacity to lead at this critical time.”
"Why are we listening to this fucking moron?!"
“I have had many conversations with military leaders about their concern about what’s happening at the Pentagon and with our force structure.”
"The generals are all, why you let this fool fuck up our shit?!"
"President Bush 'needs to make the call' about Rumsfeld."
"That bitch gotta be put down, yo!"
Bush has expressed his continued confidence in his defense secretary.
"Laura, do I smell cookies?"

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