Friday, September 02, 2005

An Observation

The first lady gave a press conference at a refugee camp in Lafayette, Louisiana. At one point she said, "This doesn't really look like what we're seeing on television."

It got me to thinking. As people complain more frequently about the inadequate preparation for this sort of disaster and the almost criminally slow reaction of the federal government, do you think the president is going to rely on his Iraq excuses? "We're making progress." "The news media is only focused on the terrible scenes instead of showing the one neighborhood where people aren't running around in wild packs desperately trying to steal gas and water from each other."

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Matthew Smith said...

Frankly, the inaction by the federal government is unforgivable. I actually saw a talking head on Fox try to argue that the President was doing all he could, but it was "not the federal government's responsibility to solve individual states' problems" (funny how no one mentioned that when a governor requests aid and designates a "disaster area", it is EXACTLY the federal government's responsibility to solve the problem).

Then the anchor threw it back to "Shep" on scene in New Orleans, where he needed an armed security detail to protect him from rampaging masses. Good thing it's not the federal government's responsibility to protect individual citizens from one another...or is it?