Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Breaking News

OK, get out your attention span hat. It might not have the cache of a blowjob, but it’s pretty serious. The first of (hopefully) many an arrest - the Bush administration’s top procurement official, David Safavian.

Safavian, 38, who oversaw $300 billion in federal procurement for President George W. Bush, quit Friday after an FBI operation alleged he obstructed an investigation and tried to finagle a government deal for a friend. He was appointed in 2004.

Yet what is most significant about Safavian's case isn't Safavian himself. It’s the fact that he was arrested -- and that emails he sent to conservative superlobbyist Jack Abramoff indicated that those on the trip knew that a trip to Scotland in 2002 was being paid for by the lobbyist.

An email sent by Safavian appears to indicate that the powerful Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) lied when he said he was "duped" by Abramoff and lied again on financial disclosure forms when he said that a nonprofit had paid for the trip, RAW STORY has found.
What do you think? Does it go all the way to the top? To DeLay? Is Karl Rove involved? Is golf a gateway sport that always leads to corruption? Stay tuned.

And please, talk to your kids about golf. Either they learn from you or they learn out on the links.

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