Monday, January 17, 2005

How Does William Safire Still Have a Job?

Good lord, this man is so wildly out of touch. Look what he has to say about the sorry state of the mainstream media. But he's surprisingly optimistic! Wonder why?

Oh, I remember, because he's ridiculously out of touch:

On widespread suspicion of political bias in news coverage: Here's the good news: Bad news is newsier than good news. Even when media try to be "fair and impartial," they can be expected to annoy rather than please the party in power. That's because clean government needs a snooping adversary, not a cheerleader; the Outs need help from the press to hold the Ins accountable.

That much is true, that the press should be holding the Ins accountable. I'm waiting for them to actually do so, however.

Today that media bias is undeniably liberal. That's natural when conservatives are the Ins; five years ago, the bias often ran the other way. As future elections near, that tilt must disappear from news pages to let the voters do the tilting. Some mainstreamers flopped on necessary election evenhandedness in 2004 and should be grimly thankful for a corrective kick in the teeth from other media, bloggers and righteous right-wingers.

I guess he has the same reaction to the news as Bush does - "la la la la I can't hear you!" Essentially, Safire has written a column that I might have written (admittedly, less eloquently than he), confusing left with right at every opportunity. Mr. Safire, have you noticed that whenever you appear on Meet the Press, you're teamed up with Robert Novak, John Harwood, Gloria Borger and the like? Did you ever notice that none of those "journalists" ever seem to disagree with your fascist rhetoric?

Crazy left-wing mainstream media...

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