Thursday, January 27, 2005

Goebbels Is Smiling Somewhere

Ah, yes. How the noble have fallen... A third (3rd) paid propagandist for the Bush administration has been uncovered.

It's pretty unbelievable when you think about it. That cocky son of a bitch needs to pay people to spread his lies for him, when there are so many willing to do it for free! Or are they? The media is (rightfully) in a tizzy about this. As Salon pointed out this morning, right-wingers are protesting especially loudly. Why is that? I mean, in theory, they aren't on the payroll, so there's no reason to worry, right? It's because this journalistic ethics "line" that they claim is currently being blurred is already blurred. It's been blurred for some time now. I've written about this in the past, but the key is that even before BushCo was paying them directly, they've been making money through his dishonest and shameful policies for years. But now that the pay-for-play has been discovered, they aren't going to be able to hide behind the facade of "fair and balanced" anymore. The more of these propagandists that pop up, the more the public is finally going to wake up and start wondering - "Do they believe this, or are they serving their own interests?" When Bill O'Reilly claimed that the tax cut went to everyone, not just the rich, was he only saying that because he's rich?

I wonder...

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