Monday, May 15, 2006

Those Cynical Whippersnappers

There's some leftover research in the conference room if anybody wants any...

According to a recent study published in the May issue of SAGE Publications' journal, American Politics Research, researchers conclude that young Americans' political views are negatively impacted by watching the popular The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which airs late night on Comedy Central as a 'fake-news program.'

"If young Americans learn about candidates via Jon Stewart," the researchers conclude in the article, "it is possible that unfavorable perceptions of both parties' nominees could form, ultimately keeping more youth from the polls." These implications for political participation should be explored further.
Seems to me, the solution is easy as apple pie on a summer day -- shut down Comedy Central. What? Oh, what would you suggest? Finding politicians who are honest and sincere, who discuss issues that actually matter to people's lives, and who are capable of inspiring others? I mean, come on! What hippie commune did you crawl out of?

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