Monday, May 15, 2006

Terror in 10-Point Helvetica

They're only watching the terrorists, right? Not so much.

A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we call in an effort to root out confidential sources.

"It's time for you to get some new cell phones, quick," the source told us in an in-person conversation.

Other sources have told us that phone calls and contacts by reporters for ABC News, along with the New York Times and the Washington Post, are being examined as part of a widespread CIA leak investigation.
If you don't care about this, then -- I'll say it -- you don't care about America. The only way we can trust that we don't live under tyrannical rule is to have complete faith in George W. Bush to act honorably and with integrity. He has spent the last 5 years demonstrating why we shouldn't do that. And in any case, the constitution wasn't written based on the concept of faith in one person. It was based on a system of checks and balances. Why? Because the Founding Fathers had just fought for freedom from tyranny. They didn't want to go back.

Now it's only reporters. Who's next? You think a crackhead stands in front of a pile of free crack and only smokes one rock?

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