Tuesday, November 15, 2005


You might want to eat your breakfast before you read this.

A woman died in a Calcutta hospital after ants ate one of her eyes as she was recovering from a cornea operation, media reports said Tuesday.

Gauri Chakraborty, 55, had complained of terrible pain after the operation at a state-run hospital, but a nurse told her it was normal and left her unattended, her son Soumen told the Press Trust of India news agency.

He said that when her bandage was removed the next day they found big black ants nibbling at her eye, PTI reported.

"She died a ghastly death. We don't even know the reason of her death," Amitabha Kar, Chakraborty's son-in-law told PTI.
Damn, that is gross! Do you think they took the pieces of her eye and carried it away in one of those single-file lines you see on nature shows? Carrying 800 times their body weight of eyeball back to the nest?

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