Thursday, November 10, 2005

Self-Aggrandizing Anniversary Message

It just occurred to me! Delusions of Grandeur had its first birthday last week on November 4th. Hooray! We’ve been busy irritating conservatives and entertaining literally several people for over a year now. We look forward to entertaining you in the years to come. Perhaps you’ll even tell one of your friends! In the meantime, here is a short list of incredibly useful DoG statistics:

  • Number of Posts: 575
  • Number of Insightful Posts: 7
  • Stories Broken: 0
  • Inside Sources Contacted: 26
  • So-Called “Real” Sources: 0
  • Times quoted by Wonkette: 1
  • Number of Comments: 71
  • Number of Insightful Comments: 70 (we love the fans)
  • Highest Traffic in One Day: 213 unique users
  • Average Time Spent on Site: 7 seconds
  • Most Often Used Word: Orwell
  • Second Most Often Used Word: Fire
  • Third Most Often Used Word: Pants
  • Most Common Obscene Word: Fuck
  • Second Most Common Obscene Word: Coulter
  • Number of Posts about Truth: 422
  • Number of Posts about the Media: 394
  • Number of Posts about Laguna Beach: 0
  • Number of Rigged Elections since DoG inception: 0 (two fewer than in the four years previous)
So we’re gonna keep at it for as long as we can stomach doing so.

And above all, thanks for reading!

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