Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Activist Alert

I can't go because I work uptown. But all you unemployed New Yorkers, (and I know you're out there), should go to Union Square tomorrow:

Join us at noon on Wednesday, April 6th in Union Square Park to help preserve the filibuster and support the Americans for Fair Courts campaign.

ACT NY has joined with numerous other progressive organizations in the Americans for Fair Courts coalition, a campaign to stop the right-wing attempt to hijack the Supreme and Appellate Courts.

What: Media event and street action to raise awareness about the "nuclear option" and the importance of an independent judiciary to a well-functioning democracy. Television, radio, and print media expected.

When: Wednesday, April 6 at noon. (If you can help set up please arrive at 11:00 AM.)

Where: Union Square Park, south side, near 14th St.

Why: Make sure Democrats retain a voice in the judicial confirmation process and continue to provide the checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution. Help unveil the "nuclear option fallout shelter," collect signatures on petitions to be delivered to senators, wave signs, distribute flyers and bring public visibility to this crucial issue.

Sign up to take ACTion on Wednesday.

Whether or not you can attend, please be sure to sign the following People for the American Way petition to be delivered to 24 key Republican Senators urging them to protect the filibuster:


See you Wednesday!
I love a good protest.

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