Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So Much to Say, So Little Time

I had a taste of blogging yesterday, and boy it felt good. I feel the need to release all the demons at once, so I'll just plop it down in these pages as quickly as possible and let you sort through the flotsam.

  • Say it ain’t so, Joe - Public servants are a special breed. They feel compelled to change the world; to fix the ills of society they discover around them. They seek to serve the good people of these United States who voted them into office. And when the day comes -- and it always comes -- that society has passed you by; when you are no longer relevant to the nation or to your constituents, you gracefully exit the stage and live comfortably for the rest of your life on a ranch somewhere giving $25,000 speeches about that time you were *this close* to the big dance. Such is the life of a public servant. Except for good old Joseph Lieberman. This selfish little prick doesn’t know when to call it a day. His thirst for power is such that when rejected by primary voters after 18 years in office, he is going to run as an independent candidate with the very decent possibility that he could hand his typically safe Democratic seat over to a Republican. Can you imagine the conceit necessary to make a decision so blatantly self-motivated? This naked display of narcissism stinks so bad I can smell it in Queens. Joe! What’s more important? Keeping your comfortable little job kissing the president’s ass or the direction of our country? We could win back the Senate! Let it go!

  • Anti-Joe = Anti-Jew? – On the Joey Leeb tip, the right wingers are attacking Connecticut Democratic primary voters for being anti-Semitic because they didn’t vote for Republican Democratic Independent Senator Joe Lieberman, who in case you forgot, happens to be Jewish. At the same time, they are bending over backward to forgive conservative Christian moonbat posterchild Mel Gibson for his potentially fatal drunken driving tour/profanity-laced anti-Semitic tirade. Here’s a little anti-Semitism primer: voting for or against a candidate whatever his religion may be because you believe in or are opposed to his policies? Democracy. “The fucking Jews started all the wars in the world?” Anti-Jew.

  • Reuters guy photoshopped a picture – It’s bad journalism, he should be fired, all that jazz. But listen up right wing nutjobs, he didn’t do it to stick it to Israel, ok? The world is not always out to get you. The picture he took was still of a bombed out area, and there still was smoke rising from the debris. He added more smoke (albeit poorly) to make it look snazzy. You know why? So it would be put on the front pages and he would make more money. And if there's one high and mighty thing all right wingers can appreciate, it’s making a buck, right? By any means necessary, right? I wonder if there are any examples of Republican photoshopping

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