Friday, August 18, 2006

Breaking “News”

Guess what? Another dead white chick. Problem is, this one has been dead for a fucking decade! I was just going to say shut the fuck up about it, but Rebecca Traister says it better.

This wasn’t important when it was on the “news” 24/7 ten years ago, and considering, oh I don’t know - war, devastation, death, terrorism, global warming, a fascist regime in Washington, and so on, it is even less important today. That guy is like a total creepshow, Kevin Spacey in Se7en kinda whackjob, but he also didn’t do it, and oh yeah - who the FUCK cares?! People die every single day. Imagine if they covered every civilian death in Iraq with such fervor.


Matthew Smith said...

I don't think you understand the full magnitude of JonBenet's death; she was in BEAUTY PAGENTS! She was better than the rest of us!

Plus, she was smoking hot.

Anonymous said...

oh, so THIS has been beat to death, but daily updates on bush sucking, the war having no merit and everything else you beat everyone over the head with EVERYDAY is A.O.K.

honestly, i like your writing, you're obviously a funny guy, but you sound so fucking arrogant and holier than thou it's nauseating.

emeryroolz said...

Well, here's the difference:
The bullshit war and the horrible mess that Bushco has made in the Middle East actually has an effect on all of our lives. Therefore, it's important and worth talking about. The murder of some little kid in Colorado 10 years ago? Not so very much.