Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just one more question, Ma'am...

Watch out, crooks! The crack congressional investigation team is on the case! What could be so important that Congress is leaping to the rescue virtually instantaneously during the August recess?

Is it about how military doctors and psychologists are conducting brutal experiments on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to study how people respond to torture? Nope.

Is it the missing $9 billion pilfered by Halliburton under the Coalition Provisional Authority? Guess again.

Is it Tom DeLay taking bribes from both sides in a feud between dueling Indian casinos or any of the other underhanded schemes he's got his fingerprints all over? Hardly.

Is it the defense contractor who bought Republican Representative (and member of the House defense appropriations subcommittee) Duke Cunningham's house for $700,000 more than it was worth? Yeah, right.

Is it how the intelligence about Iraq was fixed to support the case for invasion, while anyone who wanted to think it over or at least fight the war more intelligently was fired? As if.

Is it about the President's Deputy Chief of Staff who in a pique of political self-interest decided to undermine our national security, and has proven himself unable to keep state secrets? Not bloody likely.

Is it even about how Bush did nothing to prevent 9/11, and in the four years since has done little or nothing to protect our ports, our nuclear and chemical plants, our water supply systems, etc. from a devastating terrorist attack? Get serious.

Give up?

They're going to investigate if baseball player Rafael Palmeiro perjured himself during that pointless dog and pony show that Congress called the steroid hearings.

I'm happy to know that Congress has their priorities exactly in line with my own. God bless America.

MY TWO CENTS (from emeryroolz): So, considering that pretty much everything else Canesco said about steroids has turned out to be true (McGwire was obviously on 'roids, as was Juan "injured again" Gonzalez, Pudge Rodriguez suddenly shows up to spring training this year 20 pounds lighter, coincidentally the same year mandatory steroid testing goes into effect, and now Palmeiro is caught on the juice) does that mean that G.W. Bush, who “bravely” came out against steroid use in the 2004 State of the Union Address (which also gave us all a reason to hate Tom Brady), knew all about the players taking ‘roids when he was part-owner of the Rangers and did nothing about it, as Jose alleges? Doesn't that make Bush a, you know, hypocrite? Who would have thought?

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