Friday, December 03, 2004

One Day Macs Will Rule the World

Look at this interesting Mac vs. Microsoft analysis from The Daily Kos.

Today, IE makes up 67 percent of dKos reader browsers. A solid number, but one trending down and doing so rapidly. Anytime I see Microsoft failing at something it makes my day. So three cheers to Firefox and Safari!

Oh, and speaking of Microsoft, 22 percent of Daily Kos readers use a non-Windows operating system (18 percent Macintosh, 4 percent Linux/Unix).

The numbers look different at conservative sites. At Instapundit, for example, 75 percent of visitors use IE. And only 6 percent of visitors use a non-Windows operating system (Mac at 4 percent, Linux/Unix at 2 percent).

There is a clear liberal/conservative divide in technology usage. You can find the data at any weblog with a public sitemeter, and the stats seem to hold true across the board. Liberals are more likely to use non-Microsoft products than conservatives.

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