Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ministry of Love

Last night, I made a mistake and flipped to Fox News for the briefest of moments. It was Bill O'Reilly answering his viewer mail. In record time, I was outraged. The viewer's question was, to paraphrase - you're demanding that Kofi Annan be removed because oil-for-food stuff happened on his watch. Why aren't you equally outraged with Rumsfeld and Bush, as they presided over Abu Ghraib?

Sounds reasonable, I believe I said the same thing.

Bill's reply: "Oil-for-food took place over several years, Abu Ghraib took place over three days!"

What? Whatever, you idiot. So now, here's a Salon exclusive describing the great lengths to which the military has gone to cover up the widespread and systemic torture of Iraqi prisoners of war. Sgt. Frank "Greg" Ford, a 49 year old veteran with over 30 years of military experience, tried to blow the whistle on his superiors because of the prisoner abuse he had been witnessing. He was declared delusional and insane in a false medical report and medivac'd out of Iraq. He has since been evaluated three times by three different doctors, all of whom declare him fit for duty.

If it looks like a cover-up and stinks like a cover-up, it's probably a cover-up. And apparently, Sgt. Ford is far from the first one to be silenced. When are the media going to WAKE UP and realize this administration is pure evil. The American people deserve the facts.

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