Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting Better All the Time

Rumsfeld resigns, effective immediately.

AP: Tester wins Montana.

Come on, Virginia!!

UPDATE: Something occurred to me. Doesn’t Rumsfeld quitting his job like two seconds after the Democrats take the House look a little fishy to you? Like the way that speed-freak gay homophobe preacher went down -- I’m completely innocent of the charges!!! I have this voice mail. I quit!

It’s like that.

Bush: “I have complete faith in Rumsfeld and he will stay with me for the remainder of my term in office”

Prez aide: “The Democrats took the House and now they have subpoena power.”

Bush: “Shit! Rummy, pack your bags and get on the first boat the hell out of here! Do not look at me on your way out.”

Bush: “I will fucking cut the eyes out of your head with this butter knife! Get out of my office!”
Or something like that…

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