Thursday, July 06, 2006

Send In the Clowns

Did we invade Iraq to stop Saddam’s pursuit of WMD? Did we invade Iraq because Saddam is a brutal murderous tyrant? Or might it have been for some other reason?

Well, let’s look to Africa for a comparison. We’re sending troops into Africa. Did you know that? Are we sending them into Sudan, where even according to the Bush administration, we find the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world?

Nope. We’re sending troops to the Gulf of Guinea on the exact opposite side of the continent.

The region faces several potentially destabilizing factors: narcotics trafficking from South America, smuggling of illegal aliens into Europe, about $1 billion a year in illegal fishing, and pollution that threatens the coast and the local food supply, among them.

"We're looking at building the capacity and capability of the nations down there to secure the maritime domain to address these destabilizing activities," Rowden said.
Wait for it...
Maritime security is critical for the region to benefit from its natural resources and prosper economically, he said. Africa provides almost 15 percent of the United States' oil supply, much of which comes from the Gulf of Guinea. In addition, the region is rich in timber, iron ore, copper and other resources.

"Our goal is to ensure a more stable maritime environment to ensure their ability to get those resources to market," Rowden said.
There it is! Capitalism – 1; women gang-raped and beheaded in front of their children – 0. As it fucking should be.

America, fuck yeah!

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