Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Want These Motherfucking Terrorists Out of This Motherfucking Country!

President George W. Bush: *chomp* *chomp* "What they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit, and it’s over." *chomp* *chomp*

Lapdog Tony Blair: "Huh, huh... Yeah... Hmn huh huh..."

So, ignoring that Bush’s quote completely and totally exposes Bush’s ignorance and lack of curiosity in the midst of disaster (brought on by his own follies) in the Middle East as well as his baldfaced stupidity, I have a separate issue to discuss. I think he knew the mic was open.

That’s right. I think he did it on purpose. It’s exactly the sort of shit thing Karl Rove likes to pull. Here’s what it accomplishes:

  • Bush’s constituents (people who think Syria is a brand of pancake topping) think he’s engaged in the Middle East.
  • The same constituents like the idea of Bush talking with his mouth full, swinging his dick around talking tough on terrorism.
  • It allows him to comment on the issue without actually making an official statement.
  • It places the blame on the A-rabs instead of Israel.
  • It explains to his constituents (again) why he’s allowing all those innocent people to die without getting himself involved.
Hey, maybe it was a real screwup because good Lord, I mean, I know he’s proud of being stupid and all, but “China is big?” God-DAMN!

I just don’t think so. This was intentional. He just happens to be real stupid too. And he’s our figurehead president. I’m so proud to be American today.


Anonymous said...

we get it, you hate bush.

Michael Grant said...

Nah... I don't really hate him. I don't know him.

I hate his policies. I hate his lack of respect for the country, the constitution, the American people. I hate his willful ignorance. I hate his holier-than-thou attitude. I hate his lack of curiosity about the world. I hate his thirst for blood. I hate his naked desire for power. I hate his belief that he's above the law. I hate that he serves only corporate interests. I hate that he believes he talks to Jesus. I hate his sophomoric behavior. I hate his lies.

But Bush personally? I wouldn't want to hang out with him, but I don't hate him.