Monday, September 11, 2006

Try to Remember the Kind of September

It’s the fifth anniversary of 9/11/01. I mention it in case you left a cave just this moment, and the first media you come across is DoG. Otherwise, as long as you have eyes and ears, you’ve read/heard/seen about a billion things about it. As an aside – if we only had eight fingers instead of ten, we’d have been doing this last year.

That’s not to say I’m cynical about 9/11. I was here in NYC, living downtown as a matter of fact. I woke up that day to the burning towers, and watched them collapse from the roof of my building. I smelled that god-forsaken stench of burning plastic and rubber for weeks afterwards. I’m not above remembrance and reflection. What I don’t care for is the callous manipulation by the media and by our politicians to win viewers and/or votes. In any case, I found it interesting that al Qaeda is as sentimental as we are and has as many fingers.

A lengthy video statement from Ayman al-Zawahiri, issued on the eve of the fifth anniversary of al Qaeda's attacks on the United States, calls on Muslims to step up their resistance to the United States and warns that "new events" are on the way.
Hey, I’m just glad we’re in their thoughts today. He goes on to say,
"Your leaders are hiding from you the true extent of the disaster," the fugitive deputy to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden says in the video, which appeared on Islamist Web sites late Sunday. "And the days are pregnant and giving birth to new events, with Allah's permission and guidance."
”And the placenta of our plans shall rain down from above like blood from the prophets. We will cut through your defenses like an episiotomy from the scalpel of Allah, Himself.”

Yuck. Anyway, al-Zawahiri can go fuck himself. I think you’ve done enough to take down the United States thank you very much. Bush will take us down the rest of the way all by himself. America, fuck yeah!

Seriously – don’t get too down today. Things are all fucked up in the world, and too many people died five years ago today. But the curse of the survivor is to have to pick yourself up and move on with the living. You don’t have to drown yourself in your memories in order to never forget.

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goldgirl said...

well said, michael...particularly your closing statement. i was hoping you'd blog today because i wanted to hear your perspective on this.