Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today, We Are All Republicans

It occurred to me today that it’s quite possible that everything Bush has ever said is completely true, or at least contains a logical thread.

Exhibit A: Bush claims that the terrorists hate us for our freedom, (not for our policies of propping up brutal dictators in exchange for cheap oil and for the dereliction of our duty to broker peace between Israel and Palistine).

Exhibit B: Bush eliminates habeas corpus. Without cause or explanation, Bush can name anyone in the world an enemy combatant and send him to a secret prison with neither rights nor voice nor access to attorney nor the right to answer or even to know the charges that are being brought against him. Oh yeah, and Bush can legally beat the living shit out of him too.

Therefore, we have no freedom.

Therefore, the terrorists don’t hate us.

Whew! I’m glad that’s all over. Well played, W. I smell a peace prize!

Well played on the part of the cowardly Democrats, by the way, to step aside and twiddle their fucking thumbs and do nothing while Bush strips every last provision from the Constitution. For a minute there, I thought they might actually stand up for something they believe in. Fuck them. Fuck all of them. Fuck Washington. I’m done.

How can anyone win on a pro-torture agenda for Christ’s sake?! Where am I? What is going on?? If the Democrats were pro-torture, with the GOP against, every campaign commercial would be some guy with his fingernails being torn off with the creepy voice asking if the next to go would be you. Pictures of concentration camp victims and piles of burning naked bodies. What the fuck? Grow a pair, Democrats. Call them on their brutality! Call them the vicious heartless bastards they are. And if you lose, at least you lost with your principles, instead of just losing your principles, which is what has happened.

Sorry for the rambling; it just builds up sometimes and you gotta let it out.

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When it builds up, just remember:
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