Friday, September 29, 2006

HR 5286: Spilling the Seed of Democracy Onto Our Nation’s Youth

Republican Representative Mark Foley was caught up in a possibly innocent -- if creepy -- scandal earlier.

Foley sent a series of messages in which he asked the former page how old he was, what he'd like for his birthday and "what stuff" he liked "to do."
Foley, of course, denied that there was anything untoward, that that’s just how he always is with all the pages, and railed against this despicable partisan smear. Even if the page in question did use the word “sick” to describe the emails like 16 times. Whatever. Moving on, ABC News calls the Foley people with an update - we have some IMs to ask you about. Foley’s response?

He resigned.
While the e-mail messages were vague enough that Foley might have explained them away successfully, ABC News says it has obtained instant-messaging text he sent to other underage male pages in which the congressman "made repeated references to sexual organs and acts." ABC says Foley's resignation came shortly after it questioned him about the IM content.
So, um, is it still a big partisan smear campaign? No?

The Republican co-chair of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus is a pedophile. You don’t gots to be no bloodhound to smell the hypocrisy today.

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