Thursday, December 15, 2005

Strike Contingency Plan

This is a completely self-indulgent post, but for those of you who don’t live in New York, it might be interesting to see what goes on out here.

You see, there is this possible MTA strike tonight at midnight. The MTA runs all the buses and subways in all five boroughs. So it’s a big deal. Few of us city-dwellers have cars, and even if we do, they can’t all be in the tiny little 23 square miles of Manhattan. And in fact, if you want to bring your car anywhere south of 96th street (which is like WAY uptown) during the strike, you have to have four or more people in the car.

Anyway, so everyone has to have a so-called contingency plan. “How am I getting to work tomorrow” sort of thing. Anyone with any sense of decency and does not have the very highest priority type job (doctor, fireman, stripper, etc.) should absolutely stay home. The streets would be so clogged, we don’t need to be gumming up the works driving into our job at the golf driving range when there are transplant surgeons trying to get to the hospital before the kidney goes bad. So my office, which shall remain nameless, sent out this email yesterday offering one of three options:

1) [The Office Manager] has gathered information about those who drive and have space for colleagues. If you need a ride, please email her so that we can arrange carpools tomorrow morning.
OK, fine. I guess if you absolutely have to come in to work tomorrow, whatever, come in. But I should stress I don’t work in a hospital or anything. I can’t imagine who here has to come in tomorrow. On a Friday. A week before Christmas. But whatever.
2) Staff who will have difficulty getting to work and whose work lends itself to it, may, with prior approval from their supervisors, work from home on Friday (the strike is not expected to go beyond the weekend).
Right on. And that is the option I’ve selected. But here’s the noggin-scratcher:
3) If neither of these options seems feasible, we have a few options for people who need a place to overnight. (If you think you might fall into this category, pack a bag tomorrow.)
Come again? Pack a bag? Am I sleeping in the conference room? Should I bring my sleeping bag and pajamas? Will we be telling ghost stories and making s’mores? Are they honestly going to suggest that someone’s job here in my office is so important that not only are they not allowed to work at home, but they’re not even allowed to go home tonight?

Have I mentioned that I've grown weary of working here? Does anyone want to hire me? I’m shrap as a takk...

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