Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy December Wintertime!

I’m a liberal elitist so naturally, I am trying to eliminate Christmas and ideally Christian Americans as well.

Look who's fighting the good fight with me.

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Matthew Smith said...

I have to say, this might have been the most savvy move in Dubya's second term. Think about it: he "caves" to the left on a meaningless, flash-in-the-pan PC issue (liberals get blamed for the viral outbreak of political correctness in our country, but I still think it's a ruse from the right). Now he can pretend he's not an evangelical pawn while he continues cow towing to his Christian Conservative base on things that really matter -- you know...war, guns, abortion, school prayer, etc.

How about we call it a Christmas tree and draft some common sense gun control bills? Is that too much to ask?