Thursday, September 25, 2008


John McCain dropped a few points in the polls yesterday and all of a sudden found religion on the economy. As such, he is “suspending campaign activities” and he wants to cancel Friday’s debate. Why? Because this economic crisis is too important to the future of our nation. Once again, he is putting “Country First.”

One problem – campaigning, debating, and speaking to one’s constituents is not for the benefit of John McCain. It’s for the benefit of the American people. He is attempting to be elected President of the United States. But now he wants to stop talking about his plans and his vision so that he can go back and do a bunch of photos in the Capital Building? He wants to eliminate one of the four scheduled debates so that he can appear to be “presidential?” Newsflash, Gramps – you’re not the president. Also? You yourself have said you don’t understand economics all that well. Everyone says you’ll just be getting in the way. So what are you going to do in Washington?


And while you’re in Washington, what are the American people learning about you, your vision, and your plan for America?


And yet, you want us to elect you on faith that you’d be a good president because you can fly to Washington when there’s a crisis. Guess who else knows how to get on a plane when the shit hits the fan...

And your BFF Bush probably knows more about floods than you do about the economy.

McCain’s campaign has been more despicable than could have been imagined knowing that Karl Rove is merely the puppetmaster lurking in the shadows and not running everything day to day. The lying, the dodging, the ignorance, we’ve all read about plenty. But this new “not speaking to the press is patriotic” meme is perhaps the most democracy-damaging thing yet. Sarah Palin is locked in a closet like a Trekkie’s prized Captain Pike action figure, and now McCain claims that the most important item on his agenda is to not talk to us - the voters, the taxpayers, the citizens of this nation.

McCain is expecting you to vote for him because of a gimmick he pulled and not because of his positions or worldview. Does he really think you're that dumb? Wasn't the Palin gimmick insult enough? Are you really going to take this crap from that crazy old man?

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