Monday, October 09, 2006

Go Tigers!

I loves me the politics, and I loves me the sports too. I won’t harp on it, but big ups to my hometown Detroit Tigers for beating the Yankees in four and advancing to the ALCS against the A’s.

This victory is triple-sweet for us Tigers fans. For starters, we advance in the playoffs for the first time since the magical 1984 season. Secondly, literally everybody said the Tigers never had a chance. And, not best of all, but pretty close – it’s the fucking Yankees! Man, I hate those guys! And now they’re in full-on tailspin panic mode and they’ll probably make another bunch of harebrained moves like trade one of the best players in baseball (ARod), fire one of the best coaches the Yankees have ever had, and pick up a bunch of overpriced, past-their-prime free agents for a lumbering $300 million dollar payroll next year. And they’ll lose again!

Way to go, Tigers! Bring on the A's!


truth said...

Thank you Tigers from a Red Sox fan.

I root for the Red Sox, and any team that beats the Yankees.

Matthew Smith said...

Let's Go Mets! I can root for a Tigers-Mets WS and still avoid your shit list, right?